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Attending your ceremony



When will my ceremony take place?



What are the dates for graduation ceremonies in January 2024?



Can I defer my place to a future ceremony?



I need a visa to attend my ceremony; what do I do?



Can I reclaim costs for flights or accommodation if I am unable to attend a ceremony?


Booking tickets

For information on booking tickets for you and guests, please refer to Key information about booking tickets and preparing for your graduation ceremony 


Keeping up to date with ceremony news



How can I ensure I have access to my student record?



I’m a parent or guest of a graduating student. How can I keep up to date with the latest information regarding what options are available?


Proving your graduated status



Will I still receive my degree certificate?



How do I prove I have graduated whilst I wait for my hard copy degree certificate to arrive?



Do I need to attend a ceremony to officially graduate?


Further support



Who can I contact with additional questions about graduation ceremonies?