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Can I still access King’s Health Services?
Unfortunately, your access to the King’s Health Centre will end once your Student ID expires.

You should receive a text message from the Health Centre prompting you to register with your local Health Centre. We advise ensuring you are covered and register with your local clinic/surgery as soon as possible.

You can use the NHS online service Find a GP to help you find a health centre near you.

Can I still access King’s counselling?
Your access to King’s Counselling & Mental Health Service will terminate when you finish your course, which is the official course end date as stated on your student record. However, how this is managed will be determined on a case by case basis between each patient and the provider.

It is a good idea to have a conversation with the counselling services well in advance of your graduation to create a plan and investigate other forms of support if necessary.

Can I still receive disability support from King’s?
If you currently receive support through the disability office, we advise that you discuss how you will be supported after graduation and work with the team to ensure you have a plan.

Can I still receive support from Student Advice & Guidance?
The Money & Housing Advice and Visa & International Advice services can usually continue to advise you up to 4 months after you graduate. However, this will also depend on the nature of your enquiry, and if your query is connected to your time studying at King’s. 

Depending on your needs, we may refer you to a support service outside the university, such as your local authority or another organisation in your community. After 4 months, we would signpost you to an appropriate external agency or organisation which can support you.

If you do need to get in touch, or you’re perhaps unsure about your first steps in a particular issue, you can log a case or contact us by phone or online and we will do our best to give some initial guidance if possible.

Can I still contact my Personal Tutor?
Yes – you can continue to contact your Personal Tutor after you graduate. They are a great source for references when you are applying for employment or further education. 

Can I still receive support from King’s Careers & Employability?
Yes; graduates are entitled to 2 years of continued support from King’s Careers and Employability Services.