This article is for students in The Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing, Midwifery & Palliative Care.
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In this article:


Getting started



What is a new starter check?



Will I be provided with a flu vaccination?



What is an annual declaration?


DBS Checks



When will I receive my DBS certificate?



Do King's have a copy of my DBS certificate?



Can I get a new DBS?


My timetable



I can see additional terms/details on my timetable; what do they mean?



How do I know if my in-person lecture is being recorded?



When will I find out my timetable for next year?



I have more questions about my timetable



I’ve missed a class/will miss a class; how do I let someone know?


My modules



I can't access a module on KEATS


My teaching & learning



Where can I find out about the curriculum for my course?



How do I access materials for my class/lecture capture?



What is a Link Lecturer and how do I find out who mine is?



What is a Cohort Lead or Programme Lead?



I’m returning from a break in my studies



What learning resources are there and how can I access them?



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