Cyber kidnapping is where scammers trick a victim into thinking a family member, friend or loved one has been kidnapped. We are aware that students across the globe are being targeted by this type of scam, including in the USA and here in the UK.

Scammers may call you stating that they either have a family member in their possession or will kidnap a family member if you don't do what they say. They might warn you that if you tell anyone about what’s going on, your family member will be at risk and will ask for large amounts of money to ensure their safety. They might provide personal details that are very convincing to cause distress and make you feel like you have to act quickly.

There have also been cases where students have been forced to stage their own kidnapping, by providing images or videos of themselves, so that scammers can extort money from their relatives.



What to do if you receive a call like this


We are aware recent cyber kidnapping scams are targeting Chinese students but anyone can fall victim to a scam. Read our article Common scams and fraud; get to know them and how to avoid them for more advice.