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Tuition fee payments to King’s

Covers who pays, when to pay and how to pay.



Who will be invoiced for my tuition fees?



When do I pay my tuition fees?



How can I pay my tuition fees?



I’m starting the next year of my studies; how can I find out the fees for the upcoming year?



I’m sponsored for my fees


Important to know: We cannot accept cash or cheques

Cash: For your own safety and security please do not bring cash into the UK to fund your university fees. King’s College London will not accept cash payments either directly or at any of our Natwest Bank branches, with our bank having been instructed not to accept cash.

Cheques: In the interest of ensuring your payment appears on your account as quickly as possible, we do not accept cheques or bank drafts.

We therefore strongly recommend you use one of the 3 formal methods advertised by us.



Delays with tuition fee funding & payments



I am due to enrol but my funding for my course is not yet confirmed, what should I do?



I've not received my loan/grant from Student Finance England (or other regional funder) in time for the start of my course; what should I do?



I think I will miss my fee payment deadline



I have missed the deadline to pay my tuition fees. What will happen and who should I talk to?



Beware: Student fee scams & fraud



Student fee fraud



Common scams targeted at students