How do I access my online exam? 

The date/time of your online exam will appear on your personalised exam timetable on Student Records. You will also receive an email (through KEATS) informing you of the date and time for each online exam you are scheduled to sit. If you can't access your timetable, please read I'm unregistered for my exam/I can't access my personalised exam timetable, what can I do?
To access your online exam:
  1. Papers will be released on the date of your online exam and will not be visible until the date and time of release. KEATS operates in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) for online exams.
  2. Once the assessment is open, visit the KEATS page for your module and you will see the paper available to download, as well as a submission link for submitting the file containing your answers.​​​​​​
Your faculty will advise you in advance if there are additional variations to the information above.



Once your online exam has started 

In this section:

What should I include on my online exam paper?
If you have lost your candidate number, you can find this by logging into Student Records. If you still experience issues locating your candidate number, log a case with usWe're not able to issue candidate numbers over the phone.
  • The module code and name of the online exam that you are taking. This must be clearly displayed on every page of your script (ideally in the header of any word document).

  • Page numbers; all pages of your submission must be numbered.

How long should I spend on my exam?
  • If your exam is over a 24-hour period:
The benefit of a 24-hour period in which to take your online exam, is that you can take it at a time most suitable for you. There is absolutely no expectation that you spend all of the 24-hours on the online exam. Your paper will indicate the recommended amount of time you should spend on the assessment and may include a maximum word count as further guidance. Remember, the submission timeline is 24-hours, the task is not.
  • If your exam is a timed assessment: 
You will be provided a specific time-frame for you (e.g. 2hrs) to access and complete your exam. ​​​​​​
Do I have to complete the online exam in one sitting?
This will depend on the online exam format. For an assessment over a 24-hour window, you would not be required to complete the online exam in one sitting and are free to take breaks as required. However, if the online exam has a set time duration, you will need to manage this appropriately. 
It is possible that some online exams may include some form of invigilation. If this is the case, there will be a set time duration for the exam and breaks/screen absences will not be permitted. This will be confirmed by your faculty in advance and clearly stated on your online exam paper.
What happens if I started a fixed time online exam late?
If you start a fixed timed online exam late, you are still expected to sit the assessment but should provide further information using the online exam platform. Once you have completed your exam, you are advised to submit mitigating circumstances and provide the reason(s) you took your exam late. Take a look at our article What is mitigating circumstances? for more information.

Will I be able to use the internet when I am taking my online exam?
Additional information on the permitted use of the internet, and any restrictions which may be in place, will be confirmed by your faculty in advance and will be clearly stated on your online exam paper.
Will I be expected to reference sources used in my online exam answer?
Information on the use of referencing (if this is required) and the format that should be used will be confirmed by your faculty in advance and will be clearly stated on your online exam paper.
Will there be a maximum word limit for my online exam?

Your faculty will confirm whether:

  • There is a maximum word limit on your online exam for the whole exam or per question.

  • What the word limit will be, and what it will/will not include.

  • If any penalties are in place for exceeding word counts.


Can I work and collaborate with other students or anyone else when taking the online exam/can anyone else help me write my answers?

Your online exam answer must be your own work. You are expected to:

  • Undertake your exam on your own without any assistance.

  • Not collaborate or discuss your answers or any information about the online exam with anyone else (this includes sharing answers on social media).

  • Not act or use any such information received from another student.

As with coursework assignments, normal processes (e.g. Turnitin) will be used to check that submissions do not draw from your own or other people’s work in an inappropriate way, and you will be required to confirm that the submission is your own work.
If staff have reason to think that you have collaborated with other students, this will be treated as Academic Misconduct.

Important to know:


Can I contact my faculty for support with my answers or to clarify my interpretation of the questions I am being asked?
Online exams are not coursework assignments so you need to interpret what is being asked of you independently, and plan and write your answers entirely yourself. Faculty staff will not be able to respond to direct questions about the online exam questions once the assessment is underway.
What should I do if I notice a mistake on my online exam paper?
If you identify a mistake in your online exam paper once released, please report this to your faculty/department in the first instance. Please be advised no amendments or clarifications will be made during the online exam and you are instructed to complete the question as much as you are able to with the information provided.



IT/Technical support during your exam 

Difficulties completing an online exam remotely due to IT issues
We know that some students might have difficulty completing an online exam remotely due to having limited access to a computer or an unreliable internet connection for downloading the online exam paper or for uploading your answers.
If you think your internet connection is not reliable enough to download papers or upload your answers, please contact your department/faculty as soon as possible if this is likely to be the case. 

Technical issues on the day of your exam
If you experience any technical issues with your online exam, for example accessing or uploading your online exam, then contact IT Services in the first instance. 
The Service Desk is available 24/7 and can be contacted by:
If your online exam cannot be completed or submitted due to technical issues, contact your department/faculty for further guidance. After speaking with a member of staff, you might be advised to submit mitigating circumstances.

What happens in the event of a technical failure of university systems?
You should first confirm that the problem is not with the computer or internet connection you are using. If the university’s electronic submission system suffers a technical fault, you will normally be contacted by your department/faculty, but if you become aware of a technical issue during an online exam you should alert a member of staff as soon as it is possible to do so. ​​​​



Submitting your online exam

Before submitting your online exam, you should:
  • Make sure you know where your online exam can be found and how long you have to complete it.

  • Ensure that your online exam is in the correct format, as specified in the instructions.

  • Make sure you submit the correct file(s). You can check this by opening the file and proof-reading it just before sending. The last submission you make before the deadline will be the one that is marked.    

  • If you have multiple handwritten files, you can convert photos of your work to one PDF file using a scanning app such as CamScanner.

  • If you are submitting a zipped file, make sure that you have attached all the files that are required for the assignment.

  • Keep a copy of your receipt for the submission.
When submitting your online exam please remember that:
  • You are responsible for ensuring that the correct work is submitted. The file(s) electronically submitted by you at the time of the deadline will be taken as the final and complete submitted work, and no amendments or additions will be allowed after the submission deadline. 

  • Please ensure you have uploaded all of your answers and not a partially completed online exam answer file.

  • You are responsible for ensuring that submitted electronic files are submitted in one of the specified acceptable file formats, and not corrupted. You should check files on the system after submission to ensure they are valid and correct.

  • You must ensure that any instructions for submission are followed. Failure to correctly follow instructions given on your online exam paper may result in work not being marked.

  • Technical failure, including of a computer, browser or internet connection, is not a valid reason for late submission of work, unless as a result of a failure of the university’s IT systems, and in the case that there was no reasonable course of action you could have taken to submit the work on time.

Evidence is likely to be needed to support any technical failures which prevented the submission of an online exam by the specified time. Take a look at our article about mitigating circumstances evidence.

  • It is important that you do not leave your submission to the last minute. During university submission deadlines, both KEATS and Turnitin can run slower than normal due to the high demand placed on the software.

Leaving your submission to the last moment could result in your work being marked as a late submission by the system and being given a mark of zero.

Important to know: When you submit any online exam, it is important to note that under university regulations: "A student who attends, submits or participates in any form of assessment shall be considered by the College to be in a position to do so.  That is to say, they do not believe that they are affected by any mitigating circumstances, which would have a significant and adverse impact on their academic performance. As such, any result achieved in that assessment will stand."
What if I submit my completed online exam after the deadline?
You will find specific instructions for submission on the relevant KEATS page of the online exam for which you are submitting work.
You have up until the specified deadline to submit your online exam. KEATS automatically notifies submissions received on or after this as late, so you need to submit before the deadline.
Online exams submitted after the deadline will receive a mark of zero and noted as a fail unless a Mitigating Circumstance Form has been submitted in advance of the online exam. No feedback or indicative grade will be provided.



Further support when taking your online exam

What can I do if I am ill before or during an online exam?
If you become unwell before or during an online exam, you may need to apply for mitigating circumstances. Take a look at our article What are mitigating circumstances? for more guidance on this.
What should I do if I am unable to take my online exam?
If due to exceptional circumstances you are not able to take an online exam, you may be able to apply for mitigating circumstances. Please speak to your department/faculty before making a submission and take a look at our article Evidence to support your mitigating circumstances application.



When will my exam results be available? 

Please see our article When will my exam results be available? There are further useful articles listed under "Results & re-sits" in our Assessment section.