This article includes guidance on taking an in-person exam at Strand Campus.

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Preparing to take an exam at King's 

How can I prepare to take an exam at King’s 


I have Personalised Assessment Arrangements; where will I take my exam? 


I am due to take an exam in Exam Period 3, but it is not displaying on my personalised exam timetable on Student Records

Travelling to Strand Campus
There are plenty of resources you can use to find the venue and plan your route, including Google mapsCitymapper and Transport for London.

The full address is Strand, London, WC2R 2LS.
You may also find our map of Strand useful as you navigate around the campus: View the map of Strand Campus.
Once you’ve arrived at Strand Campus, follow signage at the main reception to direct you to your designated exam room or hall as stated on your personal timetable. Our exam rooms are multifunctional and will have a capacity of up to 160 people.


Once you've arrived 

What identification do I need to enter the exam venue & exam hall?  


Behaviour expectations during your exam​​​​​


What should I do with my personal belongings?​​​​​​


When can I start my exam?​​​​​


Can I ask questions during my exam?​​​​​


Can I go to the toilet during my exam?

I am unable to attend my in-person exam due to mitigating circumstances



I am unable to attend my in-person exam, what can I do?

After your exam 



What happens at the end of my exam?




When will my exam results be available?