You have failed to pass a module that cannot be condoned or compensated and have exhausted your usually permitted assessment attempts.

However, due to the impact of the marking and assessment boycott, you have been allowed to continue your studies and have been granted an exceptional additional attempt at the failed module. This exceptional attempt will be set up on your student record in due course.


Continuing your studies

The decision to grant you an exceptional attempt at the failed module does not impact on your current academic year and you should continue your studies.

Further details will be sent to you shortly, including when you can take the exceptional attempt. Exam assessments will be scheduled in the normal way, which is likely to be in Assessment Period 2.

To help understand the terms we use around assessment, you may find the Glossary for Academic Regulations helpful.


Accessing results

Your full results are now available to view on Student Records. For further instructions, please read our article How can I view my results?

You may wish to obtain written confirmation of your results so far for prospective employers or other third parties. You can do this by downloading your Record of Agreed Results (ROAR) letter from Gradintelligence. For further instructions, please read our article I need to prove my module results so far.


Advice and support

We understand that this may cause uncertainty for you and you may want to reach out to wellbeing services for support. Please refer to the following articles for more information:



For more information, please refer to our article How can I make an academic appeal?

If you would like confidential and impartial academic advice on issues such as mitigating circumstances, academic appeals, support is available from the KCLSU Advice Service.