We understand how frustrating strike action will be for our students and staff.

We are focused on doing everything we can to minimise the impact on teaching and learning, working closely with faculties and departments to provide support and help to ensure that students continue to receive the best possible experience at King's.

We continue to strive to find a constructive and collaborative way forward, recognising that certain issues raised such as those on pensions and pay are negotiated and decided at a national level, so while we do our best to influence and secure the best outcome for our staff, the final decision is not ours to make.

In this article you will find information relating to:



When will industrial action take place?



What is the dispute about?



Exams and assessments


Please read our article How might my exams and assessments be affected by industrial action, including the marking and assessment boycott? for more information.



General questions



What is industrial action?



What is strike action?



What is action short of strike (ASOS)?



How could industrial action affect me?



I feel worried about crossing a picket line. What should I do?



How could industrial action affect research?



Teaching and learning



Will teaching and learning go ahead on strike days? 



Should I attend supervision of projects and dissertations?



Should I submit assignments? 



Will any sessions be cancelled? 



What should I do if my lecture or class is rescheduled because of strike action?



Will I still be able to access campus during industrial action?



I’m a King’s Online student. How could industrial action affect me?


International students



How will the industrial action affect my visa in terms of my attendance record?



I'm a visiting study abroad/exchange student. How could industrial action affect me?






Will I still be able to get access to student services?



What additional support is available for my personal and professional development?



Where can I go for support?






Will there be compensation for industrial action?



Can I complain about disruption due to industrial action?



Do I need to submit a Mitigating Circumstances Form for teaching cancelled due to industrial action? 



Further questions



Who can I send questions to?